Minecraft Blox Game

Minecraft is a construction game that includes fighting; you can play multiplayer, fight monsters, and build castles. All from the comfort of your own home.

Monsters only come out at night and will promptly combust during the day, but down in caves, they can survive no matter what time of day it is.

You can play multiplayer and can make hundreds of different things, whether it be a simple block of wood, or  a trap of explosive TNT, you can make gigantic castles and can explore the lowest underground caverns, where you might be able to find diamonds and other marvellous and precious stones, but watch out for the Spiders, Zombies, Skeletons, Endermans, but probably most of all (other than falling to your death in a giant underground cavern  or drowning in a lake of lava) are the Creepers, those annoying things blow up when they come near you, when you die, all of your objects are strewn over the floor where you died, and you have a five minute deadline for finding them, after that they disappear for ever, which is why Creepers are so annoying, an encounter with them often ends in you running around trying to remember where you died, but luckily, Creepers are like bees and can only get you once, but unlike bees, once is more than enough.

You can download lots of different mods to make the game more interesting.

You can play in two different settings, survival, or creative, in survival you have a limit of health and have a food meter which gradually goes down the more time passes without you eating, in this mode you’ll have to a avoid falling down giant holes or canyons, and the monsters that surround you will attack you on sight.

But don’t forget that there’s also creative mode, in creative you’re invincible and have access to unlimited supplies of everything from, potions to weapons, you can also fly by pressing on the jump button twice, in this mode you can destroy block with one hit and don’t have to worry about health or hunger as the only way of dying in this mode is by digging until you fall out of the earth.

Sometimes if you lucky, you may find a village populated by villagers, there’s always a huge satisfaction of finding something special in Minecraft.

You can create a Nether Portal leading into the nether world; this world is populated by Zombie Pigmen, Magma Cubes, Blazes, and Ghasts, Pigmen are fairly harmless if you don’t attack them, but if you do attack them, then they all attack you at the same time, making a horde of angry monsters running after you which is never a pleasant thing, but the one you should watch out for is the Ghast, he shoots explosive fireball at you and flies around, but there hard to miss seeing as there the size of a house.

It’s optional to try and seek out the ender dragon, which is in another dimension, but it is the only way to finish the game, you need ender eyes to find him, let one of the eyes go and it will fly forwards a certain distance and then drop to the ground, eventually the ender eye will fall to quickly, check where the ender eye fell and then dig down, you’ll find a underground castle kind of place, the room that you fall into will have a square of creamy and green blocks with a empty space in the middle of the square that is full of lava, by the way, you can explore the underground cavern/castle kind of place, but it’s like a labyrinth and easy to get lost in it, plus it’s crawling with monsters, but what you’ll notice with the square of weird blocks is that it’s got ender eyes in some of them and some of them are empty with slots in, what you do is you put your ender eyes in the slots, after that a portal; of pure black will appear in the square, you’ll then teleport onto the dragons island, it may be covered with Endermans so be careful, but the thing you have to worry about the most is the ender dragon, it can’t spit fire but it can charge into you, the first step would be to destroy the regeneration block that heal the dragon whenever he goes near them, there at the top of big high pillars, they explode when you destroy them so don’t be next to them or anything.

When you kill the dragon, which is no easy task I assure you, a platform with a dragon egg will appear, to get the egg click on it, it will disappear,  just like the endermans, it will hopefully appear on another block near you and not in the abyss, dig a hole underneath it without destroying the block underneath it, put a torch down, and then destroy the block under the egg, it should turn into something you can pick up, under the original platform with the egg on there was also the portal back into your world, so if you don’t want to do the whole egg part then just jump into the portal.

There will be a long message that is very interesting and philosophical, but it’s very long so you may want to skip it by pressing on escape.

You’ll then be back in your world.

All in all I think that Minecraft is a brilliant game although quite addictive, so I hope that you enjoy it too.